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Christopher Milo

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What are the 13 Messages from Milo?

The “13 MESSAGES FROM MILO” are character counts inspired by real life experiences. If we spend less time texting horrible messages and posting inappropriate things on social media, we might be less judgmental and have happier places to work, live and go to school.

What do each of the “13 Message From Milo” mean to Christopher Milo?

  • BE POSITIVE – How you choose to look at a situation. You can choose a good attitude or not so good attitude when facing any situation. Your choice is very important and will help determine the outcome.
  • BE GENUINE – Don’t be a fake! Don’t choose to be sarcastic. Being kind and respectful of others is the key to being genuine.
  • ACCEPT – We were all made special. We all have different gifts. Just because someone looks different or sounds different, doesn’t give someone the right to look down on or speak poorly about that person. We need to meet people where they are at in life and do what we can to offer a helping hand.
  • LOVE ONE ANOTHER – Love begins with respect. Respect EVERYONE! What you say and what you do can and will impact someone else in a good way or a way that person can feel pain in some way. A smile, a high 5 or handshake could make someone’s day. Try it….it’s free!
  • LISTEN – One of the best qualities anyone can offer another person is to listen! When we truly listen to others, it shows respect and it shows that you care.
  • COMMUNICATE – We communicate with words, music, art and more! Take the time a situation deserves to communicate with others. If you choose to offer an opinion….make sure you offer your opinion based on facts… not what you think! When we communicate….we learn more about each other!
  • WORK TOGETHER – In school, you have the opportunity to choose who you want to work with. Learn how to work with others in all situations. There may come a time in life that you don’t get to choose who you work with. Be kind, honest and respectful of others and you will be well on your way.
  • BE CURIOUS – Take the time to learn about the things you are interested in as well as what others are interested in. You may not be great at something someone else is, however, when we are curious and learn… we mature in all ways.
  • INSPIRE – What you do and what you say will in fact impact the life of someone else. Always be at your best….you never know who is paying attention to you!
  • COACH – Some people just need a helping hand! Be the leader! We all need direction at some point in our life! If you are going to act as a coach to someone…..do it well!
  • USE YOUR TALENTS – Everyone was born with a gift or special quality. What are you good at? Practice it and become proficient if you have the passion for it. Then…go do something with your talents for someone else and expect nothing in return. Remove pride from the equation. Everyone matters!
  • BE CREATIVE – Your experience may be different from others. Use your knowledge to create the next awesome idea. Remember….Everything great in this world came from a single thought of one person! Do you have the next great idea to help others?
  • TRUST – Everyone deserves a chance! No matter what kind of relationship it may be, Professional, Personal or friends… the foundation is built on trust.

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