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Punctuality with James Mull

Is it common to be late?

Every day, 3 to 10% of students are late to school.

On average, 6% of employees are late to work.  Nearly 40% of organizations have fired workers for being habitually late.  Being late is the most common reason people are fired.

Most people think that individuals who are always late are rude, disrespectful, and don’t value anyone’s time but their own.  That may not be true.  Some people have no concept of time; they think they can accomplish 30 minutes of work in 10.  Others, find one more thing they have to do before they leave.  Some thrive on the pressure of getting somewhere “just in time.”  Others want control, and being late is an easy way to defy authority.  But the reason doesn’t really matter.

how being late hurts others

If a student is late to class, it distracts other students, throws off the teacher’s flow of the discussion, and lowers class morale.  If nothing is done about it, one student’s habitual lateness can spread throughout the class.

If an employee is late, not only does he or she fall behind at work, but other employees may be forced to do more work to cover the late employee.  Productivity decreases.  Employers are reluctant to give late employees new and more interesting jobs.  Moral suffers as employees feel they’re not being treated equally.

advantages of being on time

Let’s focus on the advantages of punctuality.  Being on time is one of the most important life skills we can develop.  Students and employees who are consistently punctual are thought of as:

  • Organized and productive
  • Dependable, likely to meet deadlines, and more apt to do well on new projects
  • Respectful of coworkers, better team players and managers
  • Likely to improve a company’s reputation and bottom line
  • Professional and more detail oriented

Make punctuality a part of your personal brand.  These videos will help.

About James Mull

James Mull - Mull Group Wheeling WV

James Mull is the Vice President of Sales at Mull Group, Inc – a machine company in Wheeling, West Virginia.

James and the Mull Group’s focus on thoroughness and attention to detail – helping them become a nationally recognized manufactorer.

Learn more about James and the Mull Group at mullgroup.com.