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Daily Mental Health Check-In

Daily Mental Health Check-In

The Problem

Ongoing stress, fear, grief, and uncertainty, created by the pandemic, weigh on all of us
Students were experiencing widespread mental-health distress long before COVID
The pandemic has increased their feelings of isolation, loneliness, stress, and sadness
Few programs exist to help your struggling students now

The Solution

Give your students the opportunity to express how they feel with a Daily Mental Health Check-In by simply selecting a “Smiley Face” that coincides with how they feel
Provide your teachers with a daily report to ignite conversations and encourages them to ask questions
Increase positivity and engagement with a Daily Happiness Challenge video featuring Christopher Milo
Track participation and results in real-time

The Who

Collaboration between All Choices Matter and Christopher Milo

All Choices Matter – An Ohio 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps students by connecting them with local leaders to teach them life skills, workforce readiness skills and ways to overcome life’s tough stuff.

Christopher Milo – Motivational speaker, concert pianist, author, and creator of the “13 messages from Milo.” The 13 Messages from Milo are character counts that create happier places to work, live and go to school. Be positive – Be genuine – Accept – Love one another – Listen – Communicate – Work together – Be curious – Inspire – Coach – Use your talents – Be creative – Trust. 

The Why

The mental health and well-being of your students is critical
School districts across the nation have been reporting spikes in suicides and attempts at self-harm
Unresolved anxiety, fear, anger, depression, and sadness can lead to academic failure, family conflicts, drug abuse, violence, self-harm, and even suicide

The How

Schedule a call to discuss how we can help you support your students

Christopher Milo

Steve Pelton

Frequently Asked Questions

Daily Report

How are you feeling today daily report sample

Monthly Report

How are you feeling today monthly report sample

Collect data daily
Determine your goals
Address the immediate needs of students as they appear
See the impact and progress real-time
Submit the provided reports to the Department of Education