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Creativity with Barbara Balint

Is Creativity and Innovation the Same Thing?

We tend to think of Creativity and Innovation as the same thing.  They’re actually quite different, although they are equally important.  It’s almost impossible to successfully market a service, a product, or yourself, without the ability to be both Creative and Innovative.


Creativity is the ability to create something new.

Businesses can spend years and a ton of money on research, prototypes, and testing to bring something new to the market.  Google spent $27 million on research and development last year; Apple spent $18 million.  On the other hand, David Barnett, a philosophy professor, taught himself how to use 3D Cad, and used knowledge and savings to create approximately 100 prototypes before he sold his first PopSocket in 2014 out of his garage.


Innovation is taking something that exists and increasing its value by making it more efficient or branding it differently.

Let’s continue with PopSocket example.  In 2016 Barnett customized the PopSocket by adding pictures, making it a fun experience for users.  In 2018, a car mount was added to make smartphones safer to use as a GPS.  In 2019, PopSockets (and OtterBox) designed a smartphone case with a built in PopSocket and swappable PopTops (the design portion of the PopSocket).  In 2020, they added a wireless charging pad to charge a phone without having to remove the Popsocket.  Each change was an innovation of the original creation.

importance of creativity

An applicant for a position, or an entrepreneur who needs funding, is at an advantage if they can demonstrate their ability, or even eagerness, to be open to new ideas, to be unafraid of failure in pursuit of a great idea, and to work in an environment that inspires creativity and innovation.

Barbara Ballint, the Executive Director of the Belmont Tourism Council, has some great ideas of how to overcome obstacles and become a more Creative and Innovative individual.

About Barbara ballint

Barbara Ballint

Barbara Ballint is the Executive Director of Belmont County Tourism (Ohio).

Barbara has a total of 25 years experience in public service, with a history working with Belmont County Senior Services and in the Martins Ferry school system. Barb brings awareness throughout the state that Belmont County does have attractions to bring in visitors.

Learn more about Barbara and Belmont County Tourism at visitbelmontcounty.com.