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Integrity is defined as “being honest and having strong moral principles.”   It’s a “state of being whole and undivided.”
Integrity is standing up for what we believe in
It is treating everyone equally and fairly
It is acting independently to do what we believe is right
It is being open and honest
It is taking responsibility for all our own actions
It is speaking out for others when they are being treated poorly
It is refusing to take part in actions detrimental to others
It is admitting and apologizing for our errors, when we make mistakes
It is respecting our environment, each other, and ourselves
Integrity is avoiding people, beliefs, and things that dishonor or diminish us
It’s doing the right thing in all circumstances, regardless whether anyone is watching
It’s being true to ourselves, never doing anything that demeans us
It is being upstanding and forthright
Integrity is being consistent in our values, our actions, and our speech
It is what we do and say, ALWAYS
It is a strong sense of honesty
It is being patient and using kind words of encouragement when others are struggling
It is about doing things well, no shortcuts, no substandard work just to get something done
It is being dependable — following through on promises – doing what we say we are going to do
It is believing in ourselves and in our value as a human being
Integrity is a way of life
It sets us apart from others – Integrity Defines us as a Person

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