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What is Leadership?

Leaders often appear when there’s something that needs to be done, when there’s a new idea that can change lives or a wrong that needs to be corrected. Kids become leaders when they become passionate about some cause. If the thought of being a leader frightens you, remember you can lead in one area and follow in another. You can choose to lead only until a specific goal is reached.

When Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, 15-year-old Salvador Colon launched a crowdfunding campaign and raised $125,000 to buy 3,000 portable solar lamps for households that still had no electricity. He chose to address one problem, of many, and ask others to help him.

If you see something that needs to be fixed in your school or community, take a stand. Find out everything you can about the problem. Establish goals and a timeline. Talk about it. Inspire others by showing your own commitment. Make it easy for people to join. Respect their opinions and ideas. Be optimistic. If your initial plan isn’t working, change it. Be clever. Be energetic. When you reach your goal, celebrate, giving credit to everyone who helped.

Being a leader can be great fun!!!

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