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What is Discipline?

Discipline is the practice of training people to obey rules or standards of behavior. Many of you have been experiencing discipline since you where babies. When your mom tells you “don’t put that in your mouth” or “don’t color on the walls”. This is your mom trying to train you to follow the rules and make you a better person. Sometimes not following the rules can lead to punishment such as getting a time out or not being aloud to watch tv. And now as teenagers you are still experiencing this discipline just in a different way. Your mom now tells you things like “Don’t stay out past midnight” or “do your chores”. And she now has come up with new punishments when you don’t follow these rules such as taking away your phone or your car keys. You not only experience discipline from your family members but also from administrators at school. They say, “do your homework”, “follow the dress code”, or “no running in the halls”. And when you don’t follow these rules you can be punished by receiving a bad grade in the class or getting a detention. All of us have broken the rules at least once and been punished for it, whether its at home or at school. We always hate being disciplined in the moment and think that it’s not necessary, but there are many reasons why we need to have discipline in life.

  • Being focused: Being disciplined helps you to be more focused on work, activities, and goals. Discipline causes you to be more focused because you know if you mess up it might result in punishment.
  • Respected: Being disciplined helps you to gain more respect from others. If someone knows that you have good discipline, they know that you will follow the rules and will have more trust and respect for you.
  • Self-control: someone with good discipline has more self-control, they can know right from wrong and have more control to stay away from what’s wrong. This will lead to you staying out of trouble.
  • Better academic performance: Discipline in school is very important because if you do not have anyone there to enforce the rules to you, you are probably not going to follow them. And following the rules in school is very important, not only does it keep you out of trouble, but it will lead to you getting better grades. If you do your homework and study for tests, as you should you will get better grades. And better grades will lead to you getting into a better college, and you can continue this good discipline throughout college to eventually graduate and get a good job.
  • Stress free: knowing that you are following the rules and getting good grades relieves a lot of stress from your life. Being nervous that you are going to fail a test because you did not study can cause a lot of unneeded stress.
  • Staying active: good discipline leads you to being more active because it causes you to have more motivation to get things done and do the right thing. Staying active is very important in your daily life and can lead to living a happier and healthier lifestyle.
  • Be happy: staying out of trouble and getting things done to accomplish your goals can lead to a lot of happiness in your life. Knowing that you’re on the right track to completing your goals is a great feeling, and with good discipline you can achieve that.

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