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Career Management – Rob Guenther

What is Career Management?

Career management is thinking about a potential career and determining what students can do now to ensure the future they want.  It is an important step to help students succeed in the future. 

When you have chosen a career path, you can begin preparing by getting a proper education. Get experience by working with family and friends in the business. Find a part time job, volunteer, work during the summer, and apply for internships. Play sports or join clubs to learn how to develop relationships and work as a team.

Career cluster

If you don’t know what career path to choose, try to develop a career cluster within one of your interests (ex. art, computers, work with hands, building, etc.).  When you’ve chosen an overall path/cluster, you can then try different jobs in that cluster.

Make sure to try different jobs. It is okay to only stay at a job for 5-7 years. Every new job should net a 10-20% raise.

Soft skills

Soft skills are important for a future career.  Employers value those skills.  Learn to treat people with respect and kindness, be honest, and build a reputation of integrity.  If you work hard and “do the extra” you become more valuable to a company.

College degree & Technical training

Remember, the largest numbers of jobs out there require a 1-year technical degree. The more education a job requires, the fewer jobs there are.

If you can’t afford college, try technical training. You can become wealthy without a degree, but you need a certified technical skill from a nationally recognized career/technical center.

It is also possible to build a career in steps. Start with a technical certificate or a 1-year degree. Then go up the next step. Add schooling as needed. Get a job and see if they will help pay for additional training/education.  (Example: LPN > Nurse > upper medical field)

Remember, education can never be taken from you. You earn it and you keep it.

ABOUT Rob Guenther

Rob Guenther

Rob Guenther is the Workforce Director for Area 16 (OhioMeansJobs). Rob works directly with individuals looking to get jobs and started in their respective careers.

OhioMeansJobs helps individuals, businesses, and youth throughout Ohio. OhioMeansJobs 16 has four locations and services available – helping promote individuals life skills, education, and training.

Learn more about OhioMeansJobs 16 at omj16.com.