Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports Challenge

To meet the needs of  athletes and their families, organizations across Ohio came together to launch the C19 Virtual Sports Challenge.

Our goal is to provide virtual practices, activities, events, and competitions to keep athletes, families, friends, and fans connected, active, and ready.

It’s Time to Connect

Athletes will earn points and awards for participating in a variety of virtual events. All virtual activities are accessible with any internet ready device (computer, tablet, smartphone) or traditional telephone. Those without access, will get the materials sent to them.

It’s Time to Compete

Earn Points and Awards by:

Attending virtual practice sessions
Participating in the virtual activities
Turning in scores

It’s Time to Get Ready

Traditional competitions are just around the corner.  Make sure you are prepared both mentally and physically to compete at your best.

Christopher Milo
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When we lead with love and not with fear, we position ourselves for success.

Steve Pelton
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Winners don’t quit. Stay strong, believe in yourself, and keep moving forward.

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Cheer up butter cup, everything going be better soon.